1. Compliance with relevant laws and regulations

We will comply with the laws and regulations related to the protection of personal information, including the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, the Terms of Use, the guidelines of authorized personal information protection organizations, and this personal information protection policy.

2. Matters concerning safety management measures

Regarding safety management measures for personal information, etc., we will separately establish “Personal Information Protection Regulations” and “Specific Personal Information Handling Regulations” and take sufficient measures to implement proper handling.

3. Purpose and use of personal information, etc.

We will keep the minimum necessary personal information from our customers in order to proceed with transactions with our customers safely and reliably and to provide better services. This personal information is collected by means such as the Internet, telephone, fax, and mail, and identification, examination of account opening, selection of recommended financial products, introduction of new products and services, research of products and services.・ It is used for the purposes of development / improvement, provision of products / services, market research and questionnaires, judgment on transaction continuity, post-management such as inheritance procedures, and credit management and collection work. In the future, if you use your personal information for a different purpose than when you received it, we will inform you in advance of that purpose. In addition, personal numbers will be handled only within the range stipulated by law.

4. Types of personal information to be acquired

At the time of application for opening an account from the customer, we will acquire information such as the customer’s name, address, date of birth, gender, telephone number, email address, occupation, financial assets, annual income, place of employment, investment experience, etc. .. In addition, after opening an account, we will also obtain change notifications and other information from customers such as addresses. In addition, we will also collect information provided directly by documents or emails that customers fill out and submit, as well as information provided by applying for seminars.

5. About cookies and web beacons

We may use cookies to ensure security and to provide appropriate information to our customers. A cookie is a function that a website stores information in a browser such as your personal computer and retrieves it later. However, the cookies we set do not contain any information that can identify your personal information. In addition, we may include cookies and image data (web beacons) for access analysis by the advertising system and tracking system used by us, but these do not identify personal information.

6. Restrictions on provision to third parties

The personal number will not be provided to a third party regardless of the consent of the person, except as required by law. In addition, regarding personal information, we will not provide customer information to a third party except with the consent of the customer. However, in the following cases, we may provide customer information to a third party without the consent of the customer.

1 When required by law

2 When it is necessary to protect the life, body or property of a person and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person.

3 When it is particularly necessary to improve public health or promote the sound development of children, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person.

4 When it is necessary for a national institution or a local public body or a person entrusted with it to cooperate in carrying out the affairs stipulated by laws and regulations, obtaining the consent of the person will hinder the performance of the affairs. When there is a risk of

In addition, when shipping account opening materials, etc. to customers, or when it is necessary to provide products and services, we may outsource the work to a company that we judge to be reliable. Regarding the handling of personal information, etc. at the contractor, we will take the utmost care to prevent leakage and re-provision under strict control.