To use trading, you need to read and agree to the following terms.

AHEAD FX Terms of Use

AHEAD FX can be used by anyone who understands the language of the corresponding country, can read and write, promises to comply with the terms of use of AHEAD FX, and agrees to the terms of use.

Terms for opening an account

Simply enter the required information from the account opening form to complete the account opening and issue an account number, but you will need to submit your ID when processing withdrawals. In addition, the required documents for withdrawal application will be a photo of your ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.). The address on your ID and the registered address must be the same. In addition, the ID card must be within the deadline. An account cannot be opened by a third party on your behalf and must be done by yourself.We will collect a monthly account management fee of $ 5 from accounts that are not traded 90 days after opening the account. Leverage is subject to change without notice in accordance with our regulations.

Terms of deposit

AHEAD FX does not accept any deposits from third parties. Please use the trading account name as the name when making a deposit. In order to deposit to a trading account, we accept only the specified deposit method, log in to My Page, click “Payment Application” from the menu in My Page, and then take the necessary steps and details. Please proceed until the payment is completed after confirming.If the balance of one account exceeds $ 25,000, the leverage will be increased by 200 times.

Withdrawal rules

AHEAD FX does not accept any withdrawal requests from third parties. Only domestic financial institution accounts that have the same name as the account name and have a country of residence or nationality will be accepted. If you apply for withdrawal in the name of a third party, it will be rejected. In order to withdraw from the trading account, we accept only the specified withdrawal method, log in to My Page, click “Withdrawal Request” from My Page, and check the necessary steps and details.Withdrawals must be over $100.Please proceed until the withdrawal application is completed. In addition, since the same amount of funds as the customer’s operating funds are stored separately, you can make transactions with peace of mind, and withdrawals can be made directly from My Page in order to make it faster and smoother.Withdrawals over $5,000 may require international remittance, which may take longer than usual.We cannot accept withdrawal applications in open positions, so if an open position is confirmed, the withdrawal application will be automatically invalidated.

Terms of contract

The contract rate of AHEAD FX is 99%. This is not the number for a specific customer’s account alone, but the number for all orders we receive and the execution rate. The numbers may be updated regularly depending on the market. Also, the larger the number of LOTs, the more difficult it tends to be to execute. This is the same not only for our company but also for other companies, and it is a basic point when using the Forex company. Please understand and be careful in advance.

Identity verification

Those who apply for withdrawal with AHEAD FX are required to submit identity verification documents. Please certify the necessary documents for withdrawal application with a photo such as ID (driver’s license, passport). The registered address and the address on the certificate must be the same, and if they do not match, the withdrawal application will not be accepted. be careful.

About maintenance

AHEAD FX separates and stores the same amount of funds as your operating funds.

About account deletion and account cancellation application

For AHEAD FX account deletion and account cancellation application, please use the email address registered by the account holder from the inquiry form. After confirming the contents after receiving the application, we will delete the account and cancel the account within 3 business days. We do not issue documents regarding account deletion or account cancellation. In addition, if a third party acts on your behalf for some reason, you will need to submit a document that shows your relationship with the account holder.

About transaction report

Please obtain the transaction report required for final tax return from MT4 by yourself. In addition, you can get it with MT4 until last year, and the parts before that are archived and you can download it with CSV specifications from My Page, but it is not necessarily the same items and specifications as MT4. Also, if you delete (suspend) your AHEAD FX account and cancel your account, you will not be able to log in at that point and you will not be able to retrieve all your history. We request that you obtain the necessary data at your own risk before deleting (suspending) your account and canceling your account. Please note that we cannot obtain it.

Prohibition of transfer of rights and use for commercial purposes

The user shall not assign, lend, etc. the rights and obligations and AHEAD FX ID acquired in accordance with the provisions of these Terms of Use to a third party. In addition, the user shall not use for commercial purposes without the permission of AHEAD FX beyond the scope of use and usage specified in the terms of use of AHEAD FX.

Concept of user information and privacy

We will comply with the handling of personal information separately determined by AHEAD FX.

Announcement, etc

Notifications to users will be made via e-mail or each user’s My Page. In addition, general notices regarding trades, changes to the terms of use, etc. are made by displaying a link to that effect in AHEAD FX.In addition, the terms of use, etc. shall be updated from time to time in consideration of the convenience of the customer.